How you can Help

Special Employment Services is solely funded by the success of its programs;  all of our state and federal contracts are “fee for service” which means we are only paid for succeeding not trying. While our level of success is so high that it allows us to provide all of the basic services required by disabled individuals re-entering the competitive or supported employment job markets, it limits our desire to provide more extensive and in depth services to special populations; especially blind individuals who comprise the highest unemployment rate of all individuals with disabilities. We have designed a self sustaining employment program for them and we are looking for funding to support and sustain this blind population. If you are interested contact us at. for additional information.

Of course all of our efforts would benefit from additional funding in the form of monetary donations (or item donations such as vehicles), we have full disclosure so you would see what your donations are accomplishing. We are also in the process of designing a number of fund raisers for each up coming year in our efforts to provide services to disabled individuals who are not apart of the State Vocational Rehabilitation or Federal Social Security Administration. At this time we are only able to service individuals referred to us from these two primary sources which excludes vast portions of the disabled community who would greatly benefit from our programs, experience and expertise.

Certificates of participation and thanks are given to all donors as well as being added to our website as a certified contributor.

For additional information contact us at