Programs and services

Special Employment Services offers a variety of services, including but not limited to the following.

Supported Employment:
We offer specialized Supported Employment Services specifically designed to accommodate individuals with sever disabilities in their efforts to find employment.

Job Development:
Our job development services are conceived and built to accommodated the specific needs of individual clients on a one on one basis;
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Employer Network Agency for the Social Security Administration:
Special Employment Services is the most successful employer network in the State of Nevada, and a growing source of employment opportunities for disabled people in Florida and Utah.
As a Social Security Administration Employer Network working under the “Ticket to Work Program” we provide free employment services to all individuals who receive Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).

Situational Work Assessment and others:
Special Employment Services provides two main work assessments;

  1. Situational Work Assessments
    Situational work assessments provide clients with a four week paid employment experience which allows them the opportunity demonstrate their work skills in a real work environment and which allows us to assess their current skill set and recommend additional things needed for their successful participation in either the competitive or supported employment workforce. These assessments are also used to identify employment which is most suitable for them.
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  2. Supported Employment Assessments

Our full situational work assessment program specify geared to the needs of the Supported Employment community.

Temporary Employment Service
Special Employment Services is one of, if not the only, non-profit employment related service provider providing a full service Temporary to Perminate workforce.
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Pre-Employment Training:
Special Employment Services offers a fully developed 40 hour pre-employment certificate training program. This program fully prepares clients in all areas of employment seeking from basic health, appearance, proper dress and hygiene to resume, application and interview skills.

Sexual Harassment training
SES has developed a comprehensive sexual harassment training module designed to provide consumers with an ongoing understanding of sexual harassment laws, problems and code of ethics in the workplace.

For more information about SES assessments and trainings offered or to have us develop a specific training or assessment to meet your needs, contact us at;