SES History of Service

History of Service

Special Employment Services has provided needed employment related services to the disabled community as of August 2003 until the present. We have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida. (

We have provided job development and situational work assessment services for hundreds of disabled clients. In addition we have conducted Job Seeking Skills Classes (in both English and Spanish), provided Advocacy, follow along and Job Coaching services. We have compiled research and written special reports for the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. We are also a NISH Community Resource Provider and a DOL minimum wage certificate holder, a Medicaid contract holder and a member of the National Transitional Jobs Network. We have a contract with the State of Florida to provide supported employment services as well as job development Services. We have an extensive background working with the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, Nevada parole and probation, Nevada Mental health, the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration to name a few.

We were the recipient of Southern NV’s first “National Projects with Industry Grant” to provide Job Development Services to our local disabled community (2005 to 2008).

Through our “Projects with Industries” grant, we were able to form a relationship with the Nevada department of parole and probation; the grant allowed us to provide free job development services for their clients as they were released from incarceration.

We are the first Las Vegas licensed “temporary-to-permanent” employment service working exclusively with the disabled population; an effort on our part to create greater employment opportunities for our disabled consumers.  We have also been awarded job development and job development related contracts with both the state of Nevada and the state of Florida.

Our current national Director, Bob Saunders was formally the vice president of the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association.

Special Employment Services has extensive experience with clients of all types, including but not limited to;

  1. Psycho-social clients; bi-polar diagnosis, schizophrenia, traumatic   brain injury, manic depression, severe personality disorders, autism to mention a few.
  2. Clients, both adult and juvenile, with learning disorders and mental retardation.
  3. Clients with a wide range of physical issues: loss of limbs, Asthma, multiple sclerosis, degenerate joint diseases, prosthesis, stamina conditions, etc.
  4. Deaf clients and blind clients, as well as non-English speaking clients.
  5. Juvenal clients, from 16 to 18 years old.

Special Employment Services has offices located at 1415 S. Arville Street Las Vegas, NV and 13078 SW 132 Ct. Miami Fl 33186 .

SES Certifications

  1. 501©3
  2. NV sales/use tax exempt status as a charitable organization
  3. Vendor State of Nevada
  4. Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation service provider
  5. Desert Regional Center service provider
  6. Nevada Mental Health service provider
  7. Clark County School District service provider
  8. NV MEDICAD provider
  9. NISH Community Rehabilitation p provider
  10. DOL special minimum wage certificate
  11. Las Vegas National Rehabilitation Association - charter member
  12. Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators Employment Services; Training/certificate - 2008
  13. Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators Employment Services; Training/certificate - 2005
  14. National Rehabilitation Association - Disability: Impact on Job  Development certificate
  15. Division of Mental health and Development Services - Rights certificate
  16. Division of Mental health and Development Services - Supported Employment tainting certificate
  17. National Projects With Industry Guarantee (former)
  18. State of Nevada Community Based Assessment, Situational Work Assessment and Job Coaching - State Contract
  19. SSA - Employment Network contact (largest EN in NV)
  20. National Transitional Jobs Network member
  21. State of Florida Job Development Contract
  22. State of Florida Supported Employment Program Contract
  23. State of Florida On The Job Training Contract
  24. State of Florida Intro to Supported Employment Certification
  25. CCR
  26. Nevada Job Development Training Certificate - 2012, Inter work Institute, San Diego State University.
  27. Nevada Job Coaching Certificate - 2012, Inter work Institute, San
  28. Diego State University25431..3

Special Employment Services provides a host of employment related services to disabled individuals including but not limited to , a variety of assessments, Job development, coaching, training, supported employment and advocacy.

Our clients are referred to us from a varity of local, State and Federal Agencies including State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and the Social Security administration but our clients are our number one concern and our experience and expertise is always available to them.

Our services are primarily offered in English and Spanish but we have interpreters available to accommodate other nationalities as well.